[vdr] Patch for timeline-0.9.0 (vdr-1.3.23)

C.Y.M syphir at syphir.sytes.net
Fri Mar 25 18:07:35 CET 2005

Thomas Günther wrote:
> cwieninger at gmx.de wrote:
>>I've made a small patch for timeline-0.9.0 to make it work with vdr-
>>1.3.23 (I hope Jürgen doesn't mind, but its one of the most important 
>>plugins for me).
> The patch has problems with repeating timers.
> I was working on a patch, too. It handles repeating timers correctly.
> Furthermore it is compatible with VDR < 1.3.23.
> Download: http://toms-cafe.de/vdr/download/timeline-0.9.0-1.3.23.diff

Thank you for this patch.  It seems to work correctly on all my timers, except I
dont understand why these two are showing up as conflicts (using vdr-1.3.23):

Repeating conflict on M------ (same input device):

Repeating conflict on --W---- (same input device):

Best Regards,

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