[vdr] Not able to switch off comment for blind people in splitted Stereo Signal

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Sun Mar 27 20:35:23 CEST 2005

Am 25.03.2005 um 15:47 Uhr schrieb Klaus Schmidinger:

> Tomahawk wrote:
>> I just switched over the german channel ARD showing a movie in 2 
>> Channel Audio.
>> Channel A the normal Movie Audio
>> Channel B the Audio for blind people
>> Though I tried to switch it in the Audio Menu (Cursors left right for 
>> left and right channel) nothing changed I always had to listen to the 
>> descriptive Audio for blind people too.
>> Because my digital audio receiver has no possibility to switch 
>> between channel a or b.
>> Shouldn't there be something implemented to switch the Audio Channel 
>> on TV channles choosing not to use two audio pids for splitting the 
>> audio modes but by splitting the Stereo Signal.
> I'd say the ARD has screwd up things.
> They aren't broadcasting this correctly.
> Klaus
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Yup, that´s it. I noticed this a couple of times and always phoned in 
to the NDR Sendeleitung (I once worked there). The ARD reorganized 
their structure and since then they mess it up regularly.

kind regards

Peter Marquardt

They say that if you play a Windows Install CD backwards, you hear 
satanic messages. That's nothing; play it forward and it installs 

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