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Ulf Elsner uelsner at gmx.de
Mon Mar 28 15:00:00 CEST 2005

Am Montag, 28. März 2005 14:25 schrieb Grégoire Favre:
> Hello,
> just done a small try to convert an Euro1080 FTA preview to mpeg4, with
> a bitrate of 2500 with mencoder : quality was very bad...
> Anyone already converted (and keeping the resolution) HDTV with a
> perfect quality to mpeg4 ?
> I would be interested in the parameters...

Hello Grrégoire,

yes, I recorded Panic Room on Pro7 and tried to reencode it, because 14GB are 
far too large for DVD ;-)
I used projectX to demux and correct the .vdr-Files, then video and audio are 
multiplexed again to a mpg-file.
Afterwards I used ffmpeg to encode the film (in two passes):
ffmpeg -i Inputfile.mpg -vcodec mpeg4 -pass 1 -passlogfile logfile -ac 2 
-acodec mp3 -ab 128 -sameq -hq outfile.avi

All that was done with a small shellscript, which i originally made for 
converting short movies to divx.
The resulting file is 6,5 GB in size, picture quality is perfect ("-sameq") 
but I experienced problems with audio (no sound after 1:05:00), with other 
tests I got unsynced audio with xine, synced audio with gmplayer ...
That has to be tested further ..
But back to your original question - with the above mentioned parameters for 
ffmpeg it should be fine.
ffmpeg also could copy the audio: -acodec copy,
that would reduce some of the problems I have ;-)

I hope this is helpful for you,


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