[vdr] How to get a notification of a completed transponder scan?

Luca Olivetti luca at ventoso.org
Mon Mar 28 23:16:24 CEST 2005

Thomas Bergwinkl wrote:

> When you try to scan these transponders with the scan utility of the dvb
> driver, you can see filter timeouts. For example 12034V:
> WARNING: filter timeout pid 0x0458
> WARNING: filter timeout pid 0x0453
> WARNING: filter timeout pid 0x044f
> WARNING: filter timeout pid 0x0459
> WARNING: filter timeout pid 0x045a
> WARNING: filter timeout pid 0x045b
> WARNING: filter timeout pid 0x0452

does it mean the broadcaster is doing something wrong or is it the driver?

> Of course you can count this timeouts in pat.c so that numPmtEntries
> reaches num, but every timeout lasts 10 seconds (PMT_SCAN_TIMEOUT  10).
> So scanning 12034V lasts  more than 70 seconds!

BTW, since I added the debug printf, I noticed that while the dish is 
moving it's getting the pmt data from a different satellite, so in that 
case it will get more than num ;-)  It doesn't matter for the channel 
scan function (the dish is not moving) but is one more thing to take 
care of to make vdr behave with a steerable dish. Perhaps instead of 
fiddling with Setup.UpdateChannels in my plugin when the dish is moving 
I should call sectionHandler->SetStatus(false) ... bummer, it's private :-(

> I think to speed up the channel scan it would be better if the plugin
> set the filters by itself.

But that wouldn't solve the filter timeout problem, would it? And it 
means that the plugin should duplicate most of the scanning functions 
already presents in vdr. I hate to do that ;-)

> I tried to extend the channelscan plugin to do this. Scanning
> transponders is really fast, but there is still a problem that on some
> transponders many newly found channels get no pids.

So that's no really different from using only the sdt data :-(
(channel scan was really fast too)

> But I think it is a
> promising attempt and I hope I can figure out where the remaining
> problems are.

Well, if you find a good solution it should be possible to apply it also 
in pat.c, shouldn't it?


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