[vdr] vdr wiki [offer to help] <rant>

tony tony at tgds.net
Tue Mar 29 13:01:13 CEST 2005

OK this is going to be a rant on docs in English (again)...

<rant mode>
I was messing around this weekend on the Wiki and noticed that there is
a hell of a lot of interesting information (well a lot of information, I
can't read German) on the German Wiki that is not available on the
English one.

If you want VDR to be a German only application project fine, please say
so now, and we will make a fork. If you want VDR to kick puny Myth's ass
we need more support in English. DVB-T is arriving in France and we are
not all able to read German here! DVB-T is in Australia and the UK too
in case you haven't noticed! And Italy for Pete's sake!
</rant mode>

Please German guys translate each and every page into English. If it is
very bad English post the page URL here and I (and/or other native
English speaking people) will read and correct the mistakes. 

If I or others add information we will do the same so that you may
translate to German and add to the German Wiki.

We need to move forward because Myth sucks (compared to VDR) and they
are getting all the good press because people from all over can read the

Thanks for your time


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