[vdr] Update for NTSC problem

Vladimir Shved vshved at logistic-systems.com
Tue Mar 29 21:15:58 CEST 2005

If you look inside of insmod.sh script, you'll see whats loaded and
unloaded, I actually had to comment out some modules to keep it cleaner,
like modules for USB DVB devices, etc. I think your primary concern right
now is to make sure that your built-in DVB kernel modules are unloaded
first, then you can worry about loading new ones.

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> Vladimir,
> I normally unload/load drivers before starting VDR but I never checked
> that all drivers have been unloaded.
> I don't have full list drivers which related to DVB-S card to check what
> modules should be unloaded. I guess that if I will check list of modules
> which loaded with "./insmod.sh load" I should have this list.
> Do you think that this list should be correct and I will not miss any
> important module?
> Andy

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