[vdr] VDR::Plugin::Rotor - question

Andrey Vlassov andreyv at ece.ubc.ca
Tue Mar 29 21:30:09 CEST 2005


this question directed to maintainer of the plugin but anyone having experience welcome to share it.

I started to use this plugin with main accent on GotoXY function.

This what I was able to acomplish so far:

After I messed up with motor motor settings I had to reset it to factory settings.

It looks like plugin found "Telstra 5/Intelsat Americas 5" by just choosing the satellite in the plugin and pressing "OK" on Nexus-S remote. Then I can receive FTA program on TV.

Then I move dish to other position by controls of the plugin and "Ctrl-C" VDR. On next start VDR will reposition dish to last selected channel and I will get pricture/sound. I very happy that this part works very well.

Then of course I would like to check that I can position dish to other satellite and scan for channels. I choose 110.0W or 121.0W and reposition dish. Then I use "Ctrl-C" and switch to "scan" utility to scan transpoders for channels. To my surprise I found very few channels and it looks very suspicios to me.

Unfortunately my "Fortec Lifetime Ultra" after last reflash refuses to start (constantly reboots) and I can not confirm that "rotor" plugin has positioned dish correctly. May be number of channels found by "scan" utility has something to do with fact that channels on these satellites are crypted. But I believe that information should be available anyway and scan utility should find them.

What was your experience with this plugin and scan utility? Is there reliable source of transpoder list? (SatcoDX/Lygsat - I could not find many channels which was found by "Fortec Lifetime Ultra" in blind search mode when it still worked for me)


DVB-S: Nexus-S 2.3 (yes it can move dish and supports USALS through rotor plugin)
Plugin: rotor
Location: North America/Canada


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