[vdr] VDR::Plugin::Rotor - question

Andrey Vlassov andreyv at ece.ubc.ca
Tue Mar 29 23:32:01 CEST 2005


>Are these channels from the right satellite?
It is difficult to say as I get them without names as [0231] ......

>Yes, crypted channels  should also be found
>lyngsat.com is very reliable.
>For scanning channels you can also try the channelscan plugin. With
>uptodate transponder ini-files it works quite well.
I will try to use channelscan. Where can I find uptodate transpoders.ini 
files? I found a few sources for ini files but not sure if I can trust them.

Is it possible convert transpoder list from gTools into ini/vdr_channels 
format. (gTools download information from SatcoDX. I guess that SatcoDX 
provides more or less correct information for Europe but not sure about 
North America)

NOTE: I have written a script which uses SatcoDX to retrieve transpoder 
for each satellite. Could you give a try to the script and post back 
your findings?
The script consits of two files -- once script itself (requires perl and 
LWP,Errno modules) and second has SatcoDX zones with respective 
satellites. If the results will be found valid it could happen that the 
script will be adopted by community.



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