[vdr] Questions about analogtv module.

Jean-marc MERCY jm.mercy at wanadoo.fr
Wed Mar 30 11:26:41 CEST 2005


I need to use the analog tv module for a PVR150 card. I have trouble
with the tuner input and cannot have picture or sound while the s-video
and composite inputs are fine. Additionnaly, I would like to use the two
inputs and control an external device (specific remote control to access
the external devices), hence the following questions :

1/ Would it be possible to use the two inputs of  the card (comp,
    s-video) but obviously not at the same time and what would be the
    modifications required ?
2/ Is there any possibility to have a second driver loaded to control a
    second card I tried it and noticed that while loaded, there is only
    one configuration, the same for both drivers.

If the answer is yes for both, I see there a way to implement a soft
video muxer box.

C++ is not yet my strong point, but I can follow and understand any code
as long as someone tell me the reason for it 8-)

One last question. This module implements a soft mpeg encoding for bttv
cards. Why not implement the menuing system the same way if the machine 
is fast enough ? Osd could still exist for teletext or Pip and the menus
would be skinable ? The standard menu could still remain there in case
we do not want fancy (understand heavy) graphics.

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