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Grégoire Favre Gregoire.Favre at gmail.com
Wed Mar 30 12:25:12 CEST 2005

On Wed, Mar 30, 2005 at 01:59:23AM +0200, Joerg Knitter wrote:

Hello :-)

> I think you all wrote about MPEG4 ASP. When talking about HDTV, we are 
> talking about DVB-S2 (not receiveable with current cards) and MPEG4 AVC 
> alias H.264 which is far better than MPEG4 ASP.
> I made some tests by deinterlacing and downscaling an Euro1080 sequence 
> to 1280x720 (720p) as this is a resolution a PC running at 3 GHz is able 
> to play without interruptions. At 4 MBit/s encoded with Nero Digital 
> AVC, the image is amazing and far better than with DivX 5.x, WMV 9 and 
> even better than DivX 6.
> IMHO, this time you can really say that you only need half the bitrate 
> of MPEG-2. Read some more information on MPEG4 AVC (and a codec 
> comparision) on Doom9.org (esp. the MPEG4 FAQ in the message board).


I haven't read anything right now : it is possible to encode with mpeg-4
AVC/H.264 High on a linux amd64 (without emuling 32 bits) right now ?

Thank you very much for the tips !!!
	Grégoire Favre
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