[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] vdradmin-0.97-am2c

Andreas Mair Andreas.Mair at linogate.com
Wed Mar 30 12:30:36 CEST 2005


I've just released VDRAdmin-0.97-am2c at http://andreas.vdr-developer.org.

- Fixed French translation.
- Handle "VPS" in timer listing.
- Automatic programmed timers have their summary hyperlink back. (Reported 
by sn123py)
- Fixed directory handling in auto_timer:
+ If a "%" (variable) is found you are fully responsible for the final 
recording's title, e.g. you must add %Title% if you want it (other vars: 
%Title%, %Subtitle%, %Director%, %Date%, %Category%, %Genre%, %Year%, 
%Country%, %Originaltitle%, %FSK%, %Episode% and %Rating%)
+ All "/" will be replaced by "~" (before variable substitution)
- Fixed forgotten items with 
- Fixed handling of MTWTFSS at date in timer (edit & list).
- Fixed handling of new recordings if VDR is patched with Wareagle-Icons 
patch (Reported at vdrportal.de).
- Added French template (Submitted by Trois Six)
- Fixed English/i18n.pl
- Removed all "bilder" and "copper" folders in all templates except 
"Deutsch" and replaced them by links to the folders in "Deutsch".
HISTORY 0.97-am2a:
- fixed Volume+ and Volume- in TV (Reported by Unimatrix0)
- fixed missplaced channel name prog_summary (Reported by several people)
- added updated English templates (Supplied by C.Y.M)
- now VDRAdmin understands timers format from vdr1.3.22- and vdr1.3.23 
(Supplied by Stefan Neuwirth)
- fixed small display problem in timeline.
HISTORY 0.97-am2:
- Reworked all german templates and simplified them when possible.
- TV and remote template's remote control now looks identical.
- Reworked summary display of recordings.
- Summary editbox preserves linefeeds while editing timers.
- Added stream button in prog_summmary (suggested by Unimatrix0)
- fix for timers.conf of vdr1.3.23+ (Submitted by x-stefan)
- Added/Updated patches: 
+vdradmin-0.96_OneShot_Timers_English_Only.diff and merged it to "Deutsch" 
+included changes from vdradmin-0.96-3-ctvdr-1 (Author: c't Magazin).
+Localnet Patch; no password request if client ip in given ip range 
(Submitted by "Reiner Buehl")

Have fun!

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