[vdr] Patch: dxr3plugin OSD don't turn pink

Stephan Skrodzki skrodzki_list at stevekist.de
Wed Mar 30 14:32:57 CEST 2005

>>>>> On Wed, 30 Mar 2005, "Martin" == Martin Cap wrote:

  Martin> This patch may be applied to current CVS (HEAD or MAIN, also vdr-
  Martin> dxr3-0-2).  Give it a shot ! Bye, --

Yes, this also works fine for me...

Now I have to decide: an actual working vdr-1.3.23 with dxr3 and no hassle 
with mplayer and working DVD Plugin but no digital sound output at all or a 
vdr-1.3.12 with AC3 over Digital Out but no DVD and pink osd on mplayer...

Has anyone Digital Out and even AC3 running with dxr3 on vdr >= 1.3.18?

It seems, that Christian aka AustrianCoder has dissappeared somehow...


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