[vdr] HDTV -> mpeg4

Nicolas Huillard nhuillard at e-dition.fr
Wed Mar 30 15:08:14 CEST 2005

Grégoire Favre a écrit :
> On Wed, Mar 30, 2005 at 01:59:23AM +0200, Joerg Knitter wrote:
> Hello :-)
> http://doom9.net/
> I haven't read anything right now : it is possible to encode with mpeg-4
> AVC/H.264 High on a linux amd64 (without emuling 32 bits) right now ?
> Thank you very much for the tips !!!


available AVC/H.264 Codecs

AVC/H.264 implementations are available atm already from x264 (binary), 
Nero, mpegable, MainConcept, Sorenson, Moonlight, CyberLink, VSS, 
Envivio, Hdot264 (binary), DSPR, JM (reference software) (binary), 
ffmpeg, Philips
(announced codecs: Skal, Apple, Sony)


- x264: opensource (GPL) encoder (Source), available as VFW codec: 
sex264 or ffdshow, as commandline: mencoder (GUI) and inside the 
Handbrake tool (available for Linux, MacOS and BeOS)
x264 supports 2pass, CABAC, Loop, multiple B-Frames, multiple Reference 
Frames, 4x4 P-Frame Blocksizes, 8x8 B-Frame Blocksizes
- NeroDigital AVC: useable in Nero Recode2, outputs .mp4
ND AVC supports 2pass, CABAC, (adaptive) Loop, multiple B-Frames, 
mulitple Reference Frames, weighted prediction, 8x8 P-Frame Blocksizes, 
16x16 B-Frame Blocksizes, Adaptive Quant. (Psy High)
- mpegable: available as free VFW Encoder (not based on the reference), 
doesnt handle YV12
mpegable supports 1pass (fixed quants) uses P-Frames only, 8x8 P-Frame 
Blocksizes, CAVLC only, Loop
- MainConcept: available in a free unlimited preview encoder app. (adds 
a watermark), outputs .mpg (TS output is buggy)
MainConcept supports 1pass (CBR/VBR), P-Frame Reordering, CABAC, Loop, 1 
B-Frame, Multiple Ref, 4x4 P-Frame Sizes and RDO
- Sorenson: useable in Sorenson Squeeze 4, outputs .mp4,
Sorenson supports 2pass and B-Frames (seems to use the MainConcept AVC 
implementation (decoder?))
- Moonlight: useable in Moonlight's OneClick Compressor and CyberLink's 
PowerEncoder, outputs .mpg
Moonlight supports 1pass (VBR/CBR/Fixed Quants), CABAC, Loop, 2 
B-Frames, 8x8 P-Frame Sizes, Adapt. Quant, PAR, Interlacing
- JM: The AVC Reference Software offers in Version 9.3 already Main and 
High Profile: B/SP-Frames, CABAC, Loop Filter, 4x4 Blocksizes, multiple 
Reference Frames, Adaptive Quant, Error Resilience, RDO, Lossless 
Coding, Custom Quants, Rate Control aso...
- Hdot264: opensource (GPL) VFW version of the reference software by 
doom9 member charact3r, still based on a very old version of the 
reference (JM 4.0c)
- VSS: free preview VFW Encoder (limited to 5 days), based on the 
reference encoder
- Envivio: useable in 4Coder, outputs .mp4

You should find something suitable in there...


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