AW: Re: [vdr] scanning frequencies for analogtv

Helmut Kodritsch hekoheko at
Thu Mar 31 12:49:32 CEST 2005

On Thursday 31 March 2005 00:20, Helmut Kodritsch wrote:
> hi,
> i want to use my analog TV card (bt78) with help of the analogtv-plugin
> based on a c't-vdrdevel1.3.23 machine. Is there any tool out to scan analog
> frequencies?

I remember using kwintv for that job - it stores the frequencies as the same 
numbers analogtv uses in its config-file, just need to write them down...

I assume the format of analogtv-channels.conf entries is not the problem?


there is no X installed and i think kwintv needs X. 
Sure, i would be glad when the scanning tool would input the right settings in the channels.conf. 
Maybe there is the possibility to patch the origin vdr-channelsearch plugin to this? 

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