[vdr] Vdr and Parental Lock

Sad sad at ntica.com
Mon May 30 14:17:28 CEST 2005


I'm planning to work back on the parental lock plugin that I've made 
loong time ago, and which doesn't work anymore on the last VDR version 
(by the way, congratulations to all vdr/plugin developer)

I'm thinking of a way to "limit" the needed patches for such "options", 
and I wonder if there is no way to include one more field to the 
channels.conf, which would enable/disable the viewing of the channel (in 
locked mode).

What I propose is to implement by myself this features (to the cChannel 
class) and I wonder if this could be implemented to the next VDR 
versions (not the full parental lock functions, but only the 
channels.conf field, reading functions and one little more function such 
as bool cChannels.IsLocked(), the rest of the parental lock 
implementation still under plugin form).
I guess this should not break anything...

@Klaus : Do you think it is possible?


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