[vdr] (small) patch for uclibc-compatibility wanted?

Hans-Werner Hilse hilse at web.de
Tue Nov 1 16:40:41 CET 2005


On Tue, 1 Nov 2005 17:05:39 +0200
Marko Mäkelä <marko.makela at hut.fi> wrote:

> On Tue, Nov 01, 2005 at 01:59:29PM +0100, Hans-Werner Hilse wrote:
> I'd like to build a minimal setup comprising a 2.6 series Linux kernel,
> BusyBox, VDR and softdevice, all linked against uClibc.  Ideally, the
> system would boot up from flash memory.

That's the future for me, but currently I'm lacking a (hopefully cheap)
CompactFlash IDE adapter. People owning bootable USB-Sticks and a
capable BIOS will make their profit out of this, too, I think.

> In other words, I'm interested.  If possible, please also make your
> configuration files available.

OK, I'll rework my first very dirty hack (just to test it) which I made
available (probably only for about two weeks from now) as


It's against 1.3.34. It's very badly done as it just allocates a buffer
(of 1kB) for all strings that were unallocated before (and meant to be
allocated by sscanf). If anyone around knows the most common (not
glibc-based) approach to solve this problem, I'd like to know.
Otherwise I'll try to find a way doing this without causing too much
havoc in the codebase.

A few additional uclibc-related notes:
- I found that only newest 0.9.28 happened to have the threading stuff
needed to compile vdr. I.e., not working with Gentoo embedded right
now. It worked with uclibc's buildroot just fine.
- Using uclibc and only busybox' stripped down sysv init implementation
lead to boot time of 35 sec on my 200MHz Pentium-MMX with a mostly
static kernel (only module is lirc). Basic VDR's CPU utilization is
at 10%. I found this impressive... 13secs is due to BIOS and grub.
- A lot of plugins are working quite well (mplayer, mp3 still untested,
osdteletext, screenshot, tvonscreen, dvd are working).
- Kernel+mplayer+above mentioned plugins+libs+vdr+lirc+busybox is
around 16MB atm.

I'll make a build description, an updated patch and some config files
for busybox available ASAP. I.e., probably around tomorrow...


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