[vdr] CAM-Start: Delay?

Reinhard Nissl rnissl at gmx.de
Tue Nov 1 18:32:00 CET 2005


Klaus Schmidinger wrote:

> Wolfgang Goeller wrote:
>> After lots of recordings I can say: In the first Minute of the
>> recording (happens only with Swiss encrypted channels ((Viacess)) )
>> I get even now some cVideoRepacker errors on one of my machines
>> On the other no error since I encreased the TRANSFERBUFSIZE.
>> My feeling: It is sort of curing symptoms but better than nothing.
>> With plain vanilla vdr 1.3.34 I get this errors and thus lots
>> of audio-drop-outs. I don't get it from the encrypted Austrian
>> channels. So it might depend on the way this module is handled.
>> Sorry - but I can't tell you more.
> @Reinhard Nissl: do you have any idea why an increased TRANSFERBUFSIZE
> would reduce error messages from cVideoRepacker?

I can only think of transfer buffer overflows which cause calling 
cRemux->Clear(). After that, the c*Repacker instances resync and may 
tell some error messages.

Would you please run VDR with Option   -l 3   to get dsyslog() messages 
logged and supply a reasonable excerpt of /var/log/messages?

Do you get this messages from the transfer thread's instance of cRemux 
or from the recording thread's instance? If VDR is not running in NPTL 
mode, then you can "simply" tell this by looking at the process id which 
is part of every syslogged message.

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