[vdr] Re: Xine-Plugin, 16:9 TV, black bars

Reinhard Nissl rnissl at gmx.de
Tue Nov 1 18:41:38 CET 2005


Sebastian Frei wrote:

>>>I have a new 16:9 display and use it with the xine-plugin. Unfortunately
>>>many stations broadcast 16:9 content in a 4:3 stream with hardcoded black
>>>bars at the top and the bottom. There is no possibility with xine and/or
>>>the xine-plugin to get rid of the black bars, the expand post-plugin
>>>doesn't work in this situation.
>>Have you tried to play with (a) aspect ratio and the different zoom (z,Z
>>also combined with alt and crtl I think as default) ?
>>For me it works pretty good !!!
> This works, but not very well:
> a) The OSD is also zoomed, this is especially annoying when replaying a 
> recording, because then it is completely off screen.
> b) It is very very uncomfortable. It takes several keypresses to zoom in. 
> After a channel switch one has to zoom out again. Zoom reset doesn't work in 
> fullscreen mode (maybe a xine bug).
> An automatic solution like the centre-cut-out-mode is better. I don't know if 
> it's very hard to implement such a function, but if it's easy it should be 
> done.

Well, I have something like that on my virtual todo list. But don't 
expect anything too soon :-(

A quick hack would be to clone or enhance the expand plugin to put 4:3 
content into a 16:9 frame (currently it does only 16:9 => 4:3). 
centre-cut-out mode might then work already but maybe some aspect 
relevant changes need still to be made.

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