[vdr] Problem with transfer mode, xine plugin and ActualDevice

Reinhard Nissl rnissl at gmx.de
Tue Nov 1 20:21:41 CET 2005


Luca Olivetti wrote:

>>Could you please proof the case, where this functionality is turned off
>>and you change the primary device in the ways which VDR offers, i. e.
>>setup menu respectively SVDRP interface?
> I tried that and there's no such problem (I used the dvb setup menu, I
> couldn't find the SVDRP command to switch the primary device).
> The difference is that when I do that through the menu vdr will show a
> message telling me that it's switching the primary interface, while I
> see no such message when xine automatically changes over (btw, now with
> xine-plugin 0.7.6 and vdr 1.3.35)

Please test the attached patch.

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