[vdr] Configuring VDR for UK DVB-T

Jon Burgess jburgess at uklinux.net
Tue Nov 1 21:34:22 CET 2005

Andrew Herron wrote:
> We are testing VDR 1.3.34-1 as part of a Plutohome installation 
> (www.plutohome.com <http://www.plutohome.com>) in the UK and are having 
> some problems getting sources.conf & channels.conf populated with the 
> right DVB-T EPG data. As we are complete novices in respect of VDR 
> (having previously battled with MythTV inside Pluto... not a pleasant 
> experience!) we were wondering if someone on this list could give us 
> some help or point us at the right online docs to get us up to speed.

You shouldn't need to update sources.conf for pure DVB-T.
I obtained my initial channel.conf file by using the scan tool from the 
dvb-apps package 

It comes with initial tuning data for several UK transmitters, which can 
be used to generate a VDR channels.conf file automatically, e.g.

# scan -o vdr dvb-t/uk-CrystalPalace | tee mychannels.conf

This tool is great for vdr-1.2. In vdr-1.3 the program can auto-fill the 
channel.conf file, but still needs the details of one transmitter to be 
added manually to act as a seed for the other transmitters (very similar 
to the inital tuning file used by scan tool).


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