[vdr] Softdevice not working properly...

Eric GRAMMATICO e.grammatico at gmail.com
Tue Nov 1 22:32:54 CET 2005

Hi All,

I am trying desperately to have softdevice plugin working on my vdr box.

My config:
nvidia drivers 7174
softdevice-0.2.0 or cvs

When vdr starts, the video is displayed but freezed, osd is running
correctly, I can open the menu and do what I want. the same for
recorded videos. What is strange, if I fast forward my records, it

Nothing interesting in /var/log/messages, and console says:
CMD[5119]:SetAudioMode 0
CMD[5122]:SetPlayMode PmAudioVideo
CMD[5122]:Start IsSuspended 0
CMD[5122]:init put byte finished
CMD[5143]:Neuer Thread gestartet: Mpeg2Decoder pid 2818
CMD[6056]:Thread beendet : mpegDecoder pid 2818
CMD[6067]:stopping video
CMD[6067]:stopping audio
CMD[6067]:Stop finished
CMD[6241]:SetAudioMode 0
CMD[6241]:SetPlayMode PmAudioVideo
CMD[6241]:Start IsSuspended 0
CMD[6241]:init put byte finished
CMD[6242]:Neuer Thread gestartet: Mpeg2Decoder pid 2852
CMD[6293]:new Video stream index.. old -1 new 0
CMD[6293]:Neuer StreamDecoder Pid: 2852 context 0x9ec17f8 type 0
CMD[6294]:Neuer Thread gestartet: pid:2855 type 0
CMD[6395]:SetAudioMode 0
CMD[1604]:Thread beendet : mpegDecoder pid 2852
CMD[1614]:stopping video
CMD[1615]:thread finished pid: 2855 type 0
CMD[1625]:~cStreamDecoder: context 0x9ec17f8
CMD[1625]:stopping audio
CMD[1625]:Stop finished
CMD[1625]:Start IsSuspended 0
CMD[1625]:init put byte finished
CMD[1626]:Clear finished
CMD[1626]:TrickSpeed 1
CMD[1626]:Neuer Thread gestartet: Mpeg2Decoder pid 2856
CMD[1630]:new Video stream index.. old -1 new 0
CMD[1631]:Neuer StreamDecoder Pid: 2856 context 0x9ec17f8 type 0
CMD[1631]:Neuer Thread gestartet: pid:2857 type 0
I am not sure how to configure X to use xvmc, didnt find any
documentation on that someone to guide me ?

Thanks and regards.


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