[vdr] [Feature request] Always prefer DolbyDigital-track

Antti Hartikainen ami+vdr at ah.fi
Wed Nov 2 08:12:22 CET 2005


I'll repeat myself as it seems that nobody read my last message posted few 
weeks ago.

I can't find feature that prefers always Dolby Digital/DTS track, even there 
it's not preferred language (on dolby digital), and there is MPEG track in 
preferred languages.

Some channels (like canal+) has 4 MPEG audio tracks (fin, swe, nor, dan) and 
one DD-track (which is eng or nor, depending on channel). I have 2 preferred 
languages; finnish as primary and english as secondary. VDR always chooses 
finnish MPEG-audio as default audio track. Setting norwegian as preferred track 
is not an option, as there are many mpeg-only channels that have norwegian 
audio. Setting english as primary language worked for such channels that have 
dolby track as "english" language.

I would like to _ALWAYS_ prefer dolby digital (if present) track as default, 
even if it's not on preferred languages.

I tried to patch this myself and got dolby digital selected if present, but got 
no audio (or crashed =) at all if there wasn't dd track available =)

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