[vdr] Hollywood+ card working??

michaelip at free.fr michaelip at free.fr
Wed Nov 2 10:26:33 CET 2005

Selon Lars Bläser <lars.blaeser at lycosxxl.de>:

> Christian Balzer wrote:
> > second a dum question: where can I change the primary device? I found
> > various discussions about the primary device but i didn't find anything
> > about where to set this. In which configure file  is this done???
> hi,
> to be certain that the h+ is working you could have a look at the init
> parameters of the dxr3 drivers, there is a picture generator function
> intergrated (can´t remember witch module, its to long ago)
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A Hollywood+ card needs some specific drivers to be loaded prior to use it !
If your TV is flickering when loading the drivers, it seems that you have some
drivers... Meanwhile, the TV screen should normally (often) became grren for a
while, before displaying the channel you're watching !

So that, could you please look at the following:

1. If you display loaded modules (bash command is lsmod), do you see the em8300
drivers ?
2. Do you have FFMPEG installed correctly ? EM8300 drivers needs that !

EM8300 is the driver used to manage the Hollywood+ card.

More informations about installing/using the DXR3 plugin is located at

PS: Before changing the setup.conf file for changing the primary device, make
sure that vdr is not working !

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