[vdr] mp3 plugin : image corruption]

Simon Baxter linuxtv at nzbaxters.com
Wed Nov 2 14:05:26 CET 2005

> >>Below you'll find output of VDR on console. Do you also see the 
> >>StillPicture line?
> > image: checking image for pearljam/03 - Daughter.mp3
> > image: check /mnt/music/pearljam/03 - Daughter.jpg
> > image: check /mnt/music/pearljam/03 - Daughter.png
> > image: check /mnt/music/pearljam/03 - Daughter.gif
> > image: check /mnt/music/pearljam/cover.jpg
> > image: found
> > image: loading image /mnt/music/pearljam/cover.jpg
> > image: cached
> vvvvv looks different to mine vvvvv
> > mad: lost sync 03334449 00000000 ID3
> > mad: skipping over ID3 tag
> ^^^^^ looks different to mine ^^^^^

> Do you run vdr-xine with option -q (quiet)?

> As there is only a single location where the mp3 plugin calls 
> DeviceStillPicture(), you really should get this StillImage message. 
> Maybe you should add a few debug messages to player-mp3.c.
I've added a couple of markers :
    if(!pframe && playing && !imageValid && imageCheck<time_ms()) {
      unsigned char *mem;
      int len;
        printf("mp3:SBB Marker 1 ");
      if(mem) {
        if(playindex) usleep(80*1000); // stillpicture ioctl freezes
without this
         printf("mp3:SBB Marker 2 ");

and can see them coming up in the logs :
mp3: play
mp3: player active true done
mp3-dvb: using DVB output
mp3: heartbeat buffer=0 now=1932
mp3: starting play
mgr: bgr-scan -> throttle (33087)
mgr: playing 02 - To Love Somebody.mp3
mp3: isStream=0 levelgood=1 haslevel=0
mp3:SBB Marker 1 image: checking image for yesterday once more/02 - To
Love Somebody.mp3
image: check /video/vdr-1.3.33/plugins/mp3s/yesterday once more/02 - To
Love Somebody.jpg
image: check /video/vdr-1.3.33/plugins/mp3s/yesterday once more/02 - To
Love Somebody.png
image: check /video/vdr-1.3.33/plugins/mp3s/yesterday once more/02 - To
Love Somebody.gif
image: check /video/vdr-1.3.33/plugins/mp3s/yesterday once
image: found
image: loading image /video/vdr-1.3.33/plugins/mp3s/yesterday once
image: cached
mgr: background scan throttled
mp3:SBB Marker 2 mad: lost sync 03334449 00000000 ID3^C
mad: skipping over ID3 tag
mp3: new input sample rate 44100
mp3: heartbeat buffer=0 now=1933
mp3-ctrl: mode change detected
mp3: heartbeat buffer=572 now=1934
mp3: heartbeat buffer=0 now=1935
mp3: heartbeat buffer=2048 now=1936
mp3: heartbeat buffer=2048 now=1937
mp3: heartbeat buffer=572 now=1938
mp3: heartbeat buffer=0 now=1939
mp3: heartbeat buffer=2048 now=1940
mp3: heartbeat buffer=572 now=1941

All this shows me is that the DeviceStillPicture is probably executing,
just not logging.

> What's your CPUs load when playing mp3 files, converting an image?

> Does it take extraordinary long to load a converted image?
No, converted images (corrupted) are there as soon as the track starts

I'm at a loss!!  No idea what's going on

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