[vdr] [Feature request] Always prefer DolbyDigital-track

Antti Hartikainen ami+vdr at ah.fi
Wed Nov 2 16:38:06 CET 2005

> Antti Hartikainen wrote:
>> I can't find feature that prefers always Dolby Digital/DTS track, even
>> there it's not preferred language (on dolby digital), and there is MPEG
>> track in preferred languages.
> To sum things up:
> The current behavior is to pick the track with the highest language
> precedence, and if there are mpeg and DD tracks of this language
> available, decide on CurrentDolby status.
> (Imho thats a quite logical way to handle it.)
> You want to give CurrentDolby a higher priority. How should this work?
> Assume there are mpeg tracks in your preferred language, but there is
> also a DD track in Swahili available. Do you still prefer this?

Yes, I would prefer _any_ dolby digital track over mpeg. Imho there 
should be an option to prefer dolby digital track in any condition.

> I guess the only way to resolve this in a flexible and consistent way is
> to extend the preferred language system: Allow to set preferred
> languages as 'any type', 'mpeg only' and 'dolby only'. In your case, the
> preferred language list could look like this:
>  Finnish (DD only)
>  English (DD only)
>  Norwegian (DD only)
>  Finnish (any type)
>  English (any type)
> Thats just my 2c. I don't need this, so its up to you to convince Klaus
> or to find someone that develops a patch.

Sound great. But if it should be this way, there should be option for 
this setup too:

Any language (DD or DTS only)
Finnish (any type)
English (any type)


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