[vdr] xmltv2vdr timeout

Brian brian_dorling at t-online.de
Wed Nov 2 21:05:36 CET 2005

tony wrote:
> Hi
> Now that ITV is FTA I have started updating my xmltv2vdr setup. I
> updated xmltv to the latest version. I have removed all old files and am
> using a correct channels.conf etc.
> My gb.xml file grabbed from radio times is 13 Mb and xmltv2vdr is timing
> out on "Connect to SVDRP socket"
> Any ideas?
> Cheers
> Tony

I get my infos from Bleb.org, for all the main BBC and ITV programs. By 
WGET I get a ca. 70KB file that is about 400KB when uncompressed. What 
exactly is in the info from Radio Times to make it that large? Bleb only 
gives me the EPG for the next seven days though.

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