[vdr] VDR crash freezing computer !

michaelip at free.fr michaelip at free.fr
Thu Nov 3 11:37:17 CET 2005


Often when starting my computer, vdr crashes without any specific reason and
freezes the computer ! Nothing is possible/available on my comnputer ! I just
have to reset it !

Looking at syslog files, I have a long list of kernel PREEMPT, the last one
freezing the computer !

Most of this PREMPT finishes with the following line:
Nov  3 07:18:39 localhost kernel:  <1>Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer
dereference at virtual address 00000020

The first PREMPT occurs after a problem on DXR3 card !

Nov  3 07:18:23 localhost vdr[3105]: dxr3: fatal: microcode upload failed: Timer
Nov  3 07:18:23 localhost kernel: em8300: DICOM Update failed
Nov  3 07:18:23 localhost kernel: em8300_video.c: Video Fifo timeout
Nov  3 07:18:23 localhost vdr[2470]: dxr3: resuscitation: device failure or user
initiated reset

I have a long list of call traces... It seems that problems cames from a badly
managed page fault !

I don't know what to do... Does anyone have a suggestion of what I could do in
order to avoid this ? What could I look in the syslog also ?

Many thanks for any help.


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