[vdr] second vdradmin question of the day

Jon Burgess jburgess at uklinux.net
Thu Nov 3 21:03:10 CET 2005

tony wrote:
> New question: why do ITV3 programs not show in vdradmin? They are in my
> captured xml file
> <programme start="20051102060000 UTC" stop="20051102065500 UTC"
> channel="itv3.itv.co.uk">
>     <title>Survival</title>

Works fine for me with the EPG data generated by VDR from the UK 
Freeview DVB-T broadcasts:
  Thursday, 11/03/05

  This film features a study of wildlife in the sometimes hostile
  environment of St Andrews Bay, South Georgia on the Falkland Islands.

Does VDR show a schedule for the ITV3 channel?


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