Re: [vdr] ERROR (dvbdevice.c,658): Ungültiger Dateideskriptor with mplayer and vs.h=240 when ask for get eVideoSystem (was [ANNOUNCE] VDR developer version 1.3.34)

Frank dac440 at
Sat Nov 5 12:20:46 CET 2005

> If you read the comments in device.h, I wouldn't blame Klaus for
> anything arising from this playmode.


sorry, i have only ask him (not only him). Nice, that you answer.
I have not seen it. Was only because I have not know, what i am
to looking for, i am not blind and sometimes i read header files.

Can you tell me, why request will 'only' fail, when vs.h = 240?
On vs.h = 480 or if mplayer playing PAL the file handles will
not be released? Naturally i have now take a look in mplayer-plugin,
but i have see only ePlayMode "pmExtern_THIS_SHOULD_BE_AVOIDED".
What is the difference?

I want only get the rich eVideoSystem from vdr without a patch and
not implement all for myself.

On my tests for status-requests this works fine with "RD"-handles for
video instead of "RDWR"-handles, it maybe a way.
(But for fd_audio only "RD"-handle will not work in my tests)



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