[vdr] mp3 plugin w/ alsa?

Harald Milz hm at seneca.muc.de
Sat Nov 5 23:11:02 CET 2005


I moved to softdevice recently (having HD-TV in mind) and am not using
the SPDIF out of my FF card any more. I'd rather use the ALSA SPDIF out
like softdevice:

-P softdevice -ao alsa:pcm=plug:spdif#ac3=plug:spdif# -vo dfb: 

Works like a charm. (Via VT8235 on an Asus A7V8X board w/ the coax

Just MP3 gives me the bumps. I can either output via the FF card's SPDIF
or via OSS which does not support SPDIF. I don't want to switch inputs
on my DD receiver either. I also don't want to send analog data to the
DD receiver which in turn re-samples the audio to digital. MP3 should
really support ALSA.

I patched mp3-0.9.something a while ago to write the decoded audio into
an arbitrary executable via a pipe. This program can then simply "aplay
-D plug:spdif" the audio stream. Works fine. This patch was never accepted
by the mp3 developers, though, and no work for ALSA was being done.

Has anybody been there, done that? 

We had that discussion 2 years ago already


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