[vdr] (small) patch for uclibc-compatibility wanted?

Hans-Werner Hilse hilse at web.de
Sun Nov 6 00:56:28 CET 2005


short update:

> http://arbeit.hilses.de/hw/vdr-dirtyhack.patch

isn't available anymore, instead, I did a cleaner patch against 1.3.35,
it's available here:


it cleans up (s)scanf invocations. Care has been taken to free all
allocated memory. Maybe even under circumstances where the original
version would leak, can't really tell. The source can now be compiled
against uclibc with these patches applied and some occurence of "lround
(...)" rewritten to "rint(...)" (not in the patch, there may be other
ways to archive the same).

BTW, there was a note in timers.c regarding mysterious things happening
"if the last %a argument results in an empty string". It possibly won't
result in an empty string, however, because there isn't even a match
under these circumstances, so no memory gets allocated and sscanf
shouldn't count this as a match in its return value. Maybe I'm just too
ignorant to the the problem here... 

In my patch, this code path is cleaned, but I hope I didn't delete
something still necessary (I don't think so, but you never know).


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