[vdr] Working around Finnish EPG bugs?

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de
Sun Nov 6 11:32:47 CET 2005

Rolf Ahrenberg wrote:
> On Sat, 5 Nov 2005, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>> This is apparently caused by VDR's EPG "bugfix":
> Yep, I know that and the only reason I've been using bugfix level 1 is 
> "No Title" fix. Could we move that to level 0 ?

I'd prefer to have level 0 leave the data (mostly) untouched (except
for the newline and control characters). When looking at a provider's
EPG data with bugfix level 0 I want to see everything they do wrong.
And not providing a title is wrong.

If you like we could introduce a new bugfix level and shift the
existing ones up by one, so that the new level '1' would just
change a NULL title to "No title".

>> I do wonder, though, why they write the information between brackets.
>> There's absolutely no reason for that...
> It's an old custom to introduce the original name, country, year and
> duration of the movie inside brackets following the actual description
> of the event, but ometimes that actual description is missing on channel
> Nelonen.
> E 496 1131221100 5922 50
> T Viimeinen lohikäärme
> S (Dragonheart, USA 1996, 99'). O: Rob Cohen. N: Dennis Quaid, David 
> Thewlis, Pete Postlethwaite, Sean Connery (ääni). Fantasiaseikkailu 
> ritarista ...
> E 537 1131274500 5997 50
> T Mies jonka minulle annoit
> S (The Country Girl, USA 1954, 100'). O: George Seaton. N: Bing Crosby, 
> Grace Kelly, William Holden. Grace Kelly Oscar-roolissaan 
> alkoholisoituneen ...

Yes, but why do they put this into the _short_ text?
This is data that should go into the _description_.

AFAICS this EPG bugfix is the only one that actually removes
data from the records, which apparently isn't that good. I'll
remove this fix entirely, since fix #6 will move a lengthy
short text into an empty description, anyway.


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