[vdr] index.vdr misses pictures

Reinhard Nissl rnissl at gmx.de
Sun Nov 6 11:58:18 CET 2005


Werner wrote:

> in recent recording from premiere i saw that not all pictures in
> the data stream are indexed in index.vdr. The displayed movie lenghts are
> slightly to short and the cutmarks in marks.vdr are wrong. I use
> marks.vdr in an external program. The resulting cutted movies are
> sometimes about 1-2 minutes too short. This does not affect normal
> vdr users too much because vdr cutted movies have the right len.
> Im not an mpeg expert, so only some speculations:
> It looks that every index.vdr entry points to an "packet start code"
> (0x000001). Vdr assumes that every packet has mostly one picture start
> code. The difference i saw between old recordings and new recordings
> is that in new recordings are sometimes two picture start codes in a
> packet. The second one is dropped by vdr.
> I have no idea of how to fix this assuming that vdr can only resume
> on a packet start code. Anyone any idea?

If you were right, then cVideoRepacker is buggy. Are you shure that you 
see two picture start codes (0x00000100) in one PES-Packet?

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