[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] VDR developer version 1.3.36

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de
Sun Nov 6 16:18:33 CET 2005

VDR developer version 1.3.36 is now available at


A 'diff' against the previous version is available at


The changes since version 1.3.35:

- Fixed a NULL pointer access with the cUnbufferedFile when a replay session runs
   all the way until the end of the recording (thanks to Joachim Wilke).
- A menu is no longer automatically closed when a replay ends (reported by
   Marko Mäkelä).
- Removed '\n' from several syslog() calls (reported by Sascha Volkenandt).
- Fixed missing '&' in the SetAreas() example in PLUGINS.html (reported by
   Sascha Volkenandt).
- Fixed a memory leak in cString::operator=() (reported by Sascha Volkenandt).
- Updated the Dutch OSD texts (thanks to Maarten Wisse).
- cReadLine now dynamically allocates its buffer, so that it can handle lines
   of any length.
- Changed cConfig::Load() to use cReadLine instead of a fixed buffer (thanks
   to Andreas Mair for reporting a problem with extremely long summary fields
   in timers).
- cSVDRP now dynamically allocates its command buffer in order to handle
   commands of any length. The MAXPARSEBUFFER macros is now obsolete and has
   been removed. If a plugin has used that macro, it should either define
   a buffer size of its own, or use cReadLine when reading files.
- Fixed a race condition in the SPU decoder (thanks to Marco Schlüßler).
- The EPG scan no longer disturbs players that have also set live PIDs
   (reported by Stefan Huelswitt).
- Fixed setting the help key display in the Recordings menu in case of several
   layers of subdirectories.
- Removed EPG bugfix #0, because it removed actually important data.

I know, the last version was only a few days ago, but since there
was a bug that caused a segfault when a replay ran all the way to
the end, I thought it might be good to release these few changes...

Have fun!


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