[vdr] VDR and polarization problems

Harri Helmroos harri.helmroos at pp.inet.fi
Mon Nov 7 23:31:41 CET 2005

Hello to everyone!

I've been searching for help to a problem I have with VDR. Problem is, 
that I cannot watch channels with V-polarization without first switching 
to a channel which has H-polarization. This problem didn't exist before 
when I had single LNB's, only with the new twin-lnb's I installed. I've 
tried sooo many different combinations in diseqc.conf without finding a 
solution (if diseqc.conf is the problem??), so I'm finally turning to 
you guys, anyone have an idea where the problem is (or might be), or 
even where to start looking?

My setup is as follows:
Gentoo Linux
Suse Linux 10.0 (Multiboot with Gentoo)
Kernel on both systems 2.6.13
3 twin-lnb's (pointing at 1.0W, 5.0E and 13.0E)
Diseqc 4-1
Skystar 2-pci with softdevice-plugin

If I forgot something, let me know and I'll post the missing info.

Thanks in advance,


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