[vdr] WxH & specific transponder crash

João Mamede joaomamede at sapo.pt
Tue Nov 8 04:13:00 CET 2005

Hi again: my 2 problems:
1-> in some channels i'm watching, WxH aspect have bigger H and they 
appear with big  width and small height and that's quite annoying, if I 
move the window or if I  press F(fullscreen toogle) twice it goes 4:3 
fine. I'm using softdevice.I'd like to know how to solve this problem. 
Oh btw if in aspect I change 4:3 ->16:9 instead of doing it (moving the 
vertical it moves the horizontal) it shrinks the image vertically

2-> When I tune some channels in a specific transponder the image&sounds 
work for a split of a second and then vdr crashes, it wouldn't used to 
work, I've tried 2 versions of vdr vdr-1.3.36 and vdr-1.3.34. It was 
working fine but I had to format all my system and is not ok anymore
I hope you understood me
Best Regards
João Mamede

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