[vdr] VDR and polarization problems

Harri Helmroos harri.helmroos at pp.inet.fi
Wed Nov 9 06:01:56 CET 2005

> Ummm.. by twin-lnb do you mean with two heads and one f-connector
> and with built in mini-switch ?
> What is your third lnb ?
> How are they connected to diseqc 4-1 switch ?
Thanks for your reply Lauri

It's a universal twin-lnb with two f-connectors (female) at the bottom 
of the lnb. All three lnb's are twin's. From the bottoms I have pulled 
two cables to two separate diseqc's. One diseqc is for my standalone 
receiver and the other for my pc. I have no idea if the lnb's have 
inbuilt switches, couldn't find any info on the lnb's either than the 
normal text's.

Oh yeah, the twin's are bought from our famous everyday shop called 
Biltema (here's the link for the lnb: 

The diseqc's are also bought from the same quality shop (here's the link 
for the diseqc: 

I have tried both of the diseqc's with my pc, both behaving exactly the 
same. However, the standalone receiver has no problems with the lnb's 
nor the diseqc switches (I tested with both switches).


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