[vdr] alignment problems in (sub)menus (vdr / Rotor Plugin/ Setup Plugin)

Markus Hahn mhahn at reel-multimedia.com
Wed Nov 9 12:08:28 CET 2005

Hi there, 
by enhancing "Setup plugin" to call other plugins (osdMenu), I get some 
trouble with Rotor Plugin mentioned alignment resp. EditableWidth.
(causes a segfault in rotorplugin menu -> cMenuEditSatItem) 

Inside SetupMenu  of Setup-Plugin I call SetCols(30) to alignment elements 
of ENTRY (generic menus).

If I keep track of Skin Tabs, the value of Tab(2) decreases in Setup Plugin
60 values (pixels???) in compare to MenuMain. 

I try to set SetCols(0,0) inside the MainMenu of  Rotor Plugin etc. but this 
has no affect at all. 

Any suggestions? 

Thanks all 


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