[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] vdr-autosort-0.0.4 - a channel autosorter

Frank Scherthan frank.scherthan at gmx.de
Sat Nov 12 10:09:24 CET 2005

CopyPoint schrieb:
> At 23:16 10.11.05 +0100, you wrote:
>> Maybe someday you could try to keep autosort in a thread, so that vdr
>> still responses, even if houskeeping (and therefor autosort) kicks in.
> thought about it, but what will happen, if user makes a change to
> channels while autosort is in thread? That cries for inconsistency.
> I'd prefer catching a signal from vdr if a channel changes or is added
> and then do a single loop just for this channel.
> Together with a 'reload config' and 'complete run now' -button this
> could be the best solution

This would be really a clean approach, but I don't think, that you will
get inconsistency as long as the channels get referenced by their ID.
Moving a channel, that is just edited should work...Or do I miss
something? I have to check how vdr references channels...

>> I really don't know how I could live without that plugin. Finally all my
>> 2500 channels are sorted the way I alway wanted them :)
>> I only miss sorting by frequency (=transponder)
> that needs a fuzzy-factor by some Hz. But what do you wanna reach with
> that?

Isn't vdr taking care of that?

from channels.c:
bool cChannel::SetSatTransponderData(int Source, int Frequency, char
Polarization, int Srate, int CoderateH)
  // Workarounds for broadcaster stupidity:
  // Some providers broadcast the transponder frequency of their
channels with two different
  // values (like 12551 and 12552), so we need to allow for a little
tolerance here
  if (abs(frequency - Frequency) <= 1)
     Frequency = frequency;
  // Sometimes the transponder frequency is set to 0, which is just wrong
  if (Frequency == 0)
     return false;

I'd like filtering for freq for the following reasons:
- Once a month I clean my channels.conf, removing all dead channels. I
put a "DEAD -" in front of all channelnames and switch to every
transponder for about 10 sec. with "update names" enabled. There are
some channels that are still not "dead", but don't get their names
updated. So I delete these channels, switch to a channel on the same
transponder and let this channel be readded. Having the channels ordered
by freq makes this easy...

- I have only 1 card. If channels are ordered by freq, I can see with
channels can be recorded at simultaniously.

>> and filtering by source
>> (witch you already wanted to implement).
> Done.

Great :)


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