[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] vdr-softdevice-0.2.1

Stefan Lucke stefan at lucke.in-berlin.de
Sat Nov 12 17:35:56 CET 2005


softdevice team (Torgeir Veimo, Martin Wache and me, Stefan Lucke)
with help from softdevice users, is pleased to announce a 
new release of vdr softdevice plugin.

General info:
  Softdevice plugin enables vdr to run on your desktop with
  so called budget cards. You'll get vdr output via framebuffer or X11-Xv or
  DirectFB or vidix to your screen. Decoding is done via ffmpeg.

Plugin's homepage is located at: http://softdevice.berlios.de/

Changelog since last release:
2005-11-12: softdevice-0.2.1
    - speed up moving of cutmarks by a factor of about 100. I forgot to signal
      that new data is available in StillPicture() :-/
    - new packet mode: make some softdevice functions available to other
      plugins like softplay useing the new service interface
    - video-xv: some of X11 atoms could be set via OSD too. So using hardcoded
      hotkeys for brightness, contrast, hue and saturation is obsolete and
      may be removed soon.
    - video-dfb: (by Laurence Abbott) selecting field parity and triple buffering
      on via epia boards. That could be used for others too if primary head
      is connected to TV. Triple buffering is independently available as a
      separate option now.
        "-vo dfb:viatv"
        "-vo dfb:triple"
    - some more finnish translations (by Rolf Ahrenberg)
    - sync timer mode selectable via OSD
    - removed translations of empty lines (by Rolf Ahrenberg)
    - made sig timer the default one for new users
    - restructured OSD setup
    - some some german translations (with help from Andre Neumann)
    - hide main menu entry via OSD
    - french translations (by Nicolas Huillard)
    - packet playback: assume we get complete frames via packet interface.
                       This fixes playing divx via softplay.
    - fix frame dropping with IEEE1394 read.
    - fix cropmode handling via OSD
    - set some vars for aspect calculation to reasonable defaults
    - video-xv: fix aspectratio recalculation upon ConfigureNotify events
    - minor cleanup: moved static floats to member double (cVideoOut)
    - reverted change from 2005-01-12 as effect it not reproducable and delivers
      now wrong results for some streams.

Stefan Lucke

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