[vdr] Odd behiviour of dish

Thomas Bergwinkl Bergwinkl.Thomas at vr-web.de
Sat Nov 12 19:45:00 CET 2005

Lauri Tischler wrote:
> After changing to vdr-1.3.36 and rotor-0.1.2 my dish behives strangely.
> The dish thinks that it's 'rest' position is allways at S1.0W
> If I select some channel at S19.2E, the dish moves there
> and things work normally.
> If I then select some DVB-T channel, the dish moves back to
> position S1.0W.
> EPG scantime is set at 0.
> Any ideas ?

Yes ;)
You probably use the GotoX command on channel switch. Since version 0.1.2
you can decide to which cards the plugin shall react (this is useful, when
more cards are connected to the steerable dish)
In the setup menu of the rotor plugin you can say configure and decide which
cards are connected to your steerable dish.

I think it would be a good idea (for the next release) to check in the
plugin, whether the source is really a satellite. (The dvb-t channel is
interpreted as S0.0W not S1.0W :-) 


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