[vdr] softdevice with xv-plugin does not start

Andre Bischof a.bischof at gmx.net
Sat Nov 12 22:44:05 CET 2005


Stefan Lucke wrote:
>>Nov 12 21:03:51 linux vdr[10465]: [XvVideoOut]: patch version (2005-07-20)
>>Nov 12 21:03:51 linux vdr[10465]: [XvVideoOut]: Could not connect to 
> You have to start your X-server _before_ you may start vdr with
> softdevice and xv out.

The output above is from a term in kde, so I suppose the X-server should 
be running.

> For a client/server setup, you need streamdev plugin and connect
> your client via streamdev to your server.

Does that apply if client/server are running on the same machine?

But the error appears anyway, or do you mean it should vanish when using 
  streamdev as additional plugin?

>>Nov 12 21:03:51 linux vdr[10465]: [softdevice] videoOut failure exiting
>>I put LoadModule "XvMC" in xorg.conf as mentioned in the plugin's 
>>README, and libxvmc1 and libxvmc-dev are installed.
> Which README ?
> README of softdevice does not mention xvmc, as it does not support xvmc.

Arg, excuse me for mixing up info-sources, that one was from

Quasi-Hardwaredekodierung über XvMC ("XVideo Motion Compensation"), 
recht geringe CPU-Last (~30%, prozessorunabhängig).

Unter anderem unterstützt von NVidia Grafikkarten (GF4MX400 sowie >= 
GF5), S3 Unichrome (u.a. auf VIA Epia Boards) und vielleicht anderen, 
laden über option "XvMC" in XF86config, falls installiert (Distribution

=> if you don't speak german, this means that XvMC should be good for 
NVidia-cards and "XvMC" should be put in XF86config (or xorg.conf I 

I'd like to use softdevice with a Geforce 6600 and TV-Out, if this could 
be better please tell me.

In vdr-wiki is also written that softdevice does replace the 
mpeg2-decoder and outputs directly on a framebuffer, output could then 
be on a monitor or tv-out (for that part streamdev is needed?)

>>I guess it could be that I have to put up an additional screen-section 
>>in xorg.conf, but I'm not really familiar with that. Or does that error 
>>derive from s.th. totally different?
>>Any help is greatly appreciated!

That's true furthermore :-)

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