[vdr] [Fwd: Softdevice and AC3 Passthrough]

Dave inssomniak at mountaincable.net
Sun Nov 13 01:02:19 CET 2005

softdevice cvs

vdr 1.3.34
kernel 2.6.14-rc3 using kernel ALSA drivers

I have got softdevice working with sound via SPDIF for PCM, but cant get 
AC3 to pass through to the decoder, mplayer and ac3dec both pass AC3 no 
problem, but with softdevice I get error:

ac3play: Unable to update the IEC958 control: No such file or directory

-P"softdevice -vo dfb: -ao alsa:pcm=default#ac3=hw:0,0#"
-P"softdevice -vo dfb: -ao alsa:pcm=default#ac3=hw:0,1#"
-P"softdevice -vo dfb: -ao alsa:pcm=default#ac3=plug:iec958#"

it doesnt matter which of the above commandlines I use, same error all 
the time.

ALSA lib is 1.0.10-rc3, Driver is 1.0.10-rc1.

Any ideas?

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