[vdr] vdr 1.3.27 restart problem

Steffen Barszus st_barszus at gmx.de
Sun Nov 13 11:09:19 CET 2005

Matthias Bodenbinder wrote:

>vdr is running fine on my machine except for one strange thing.
>I can start/stop vdr perfectly fine, but when I select "Neustart" in the vdr
>menu (restart), it is coming into an endless loop of restarting itself.
>The logfile then says:
>ov 12 16:31:56 localhost vdr[16858]: loading /var/lib/vdr/remote.conf
>Nov 12 16:31:56 localhost vdr[16858]: loading /var/lib/vdr/keymacros.conf
>Nov 12 16:31:56 localhost input.agent[16860]:      evdev: already loaded
>Nov 12 16:31:56 localhost vdr[16858]: no DVB device found
>When I say /etc/init.d/vdr restart everything works fine.
>What is going wrong here? System details are:
>Ubuntu 5.10
>kernel 2.6.12-9-k7
>vdr 1.3.27
>Hauppauge Nexus-s Rev 2.3

Difference is that on initscript restart the drivers will not be 
reloaded, on restart from menu the drivers will be reloaded. Most 
probably udev/hotplug takes it time to create the device nodes. This is 
some seconds on my system, in debian 15 sec's is default waittime after 
driver reload



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