[vdr] mp3 plugin : image corruption]

Reinhard Nissl rnissl at gmx.de
Sun Nov 13 13:40:19 CET 2005


Simon Baxter wrote:

> Thanks - put the marker in.  Again, nothing unexpected.
>   void cXineDevice::StillPicture(const uchar *Data, int Length)
>   {
>     xfprintf(stderr, "StillPicture: %p, %d\n", Data, Length);
>         printf("xine:SBB Still Picture Marker 1 ");
>     if (0)
> image: loading image /mnt/music/Supertramp/The Very Best Of
> Supertramp/cover.jpg
> image: not cached
> image: convert queued
> image: using static default image
> mp3:SBB Marker 2 xine:SBB Still Picture Marker 1 image: convert
> started /mnt/music/Supertramp/The Very Best
>  Of Supertramp/cover.jpg -
> Very Best Of Supertramp/cover.jpg.mpg
> mad: lost sync 03334449 00000000 ID3^C
> mad: skipping over ID3 tag
> No mention again of StillPicture....??????????

Well, the difference is that your message goes to stdout while 
vdr-xine's messages go to stderr.

When you run vdr, is there anything that redirects stderr for example to 
/dev/null, e. g. something like the following line?

	vdr ..... 2>/dev/null

Concerning the example mp3's you've sent me: I've renamed them as 
mentioned below in the log messages to match the cover image mpegs 
you've sent me some time ago, which were renamed accordingly yet.

I too get the lost sync message, but the images still appear perfectly. 
Strange is that I don't get this message for any mp3 file from my 
brother's library. I know that there are several versions for mp3 tags, 
so either libmad doesn't understand the version your software creates or 
your software simply does it wrong. But I'm no mp3 expert ;-)

I'll now try to reproduce this issue on a different machine. Please stay 
tuned ;-)

mp3: heartbeat buffer=572 now=3277
mp3: heartbeat buffer=2048 now=3278
mp3: heartbeat buffer=0 now=3279
mp3: heartbeat buffer=2048 now=3280
mad: lost sync 44474154 68677561 TAGDaugh
mad: skipping over ID3 tag
norm: new volumen level=0.228871 peak=1.004627
cache: updating infos for /data/mp3/a-ha - Crying In The Rain.mp3
mp3: eof or error
mp3: stopping play
mp3: scale stats clipped=3 peak_clip=0.004666 peak=1.000000
mgr: next -> 1
mp3: playing next
mp3: starting play
mgr: playing a-ha - Minor Earth Major Sky.mp3
mp3: isStream=0 levelgood=1 haslevel=0
image: checking image for a-ha - Minor Earth Major Sky.mp3
image: check /data/mp3/a-ha - Minor Earth Major Sky.jpg
image: found
image: loading image /data/mp3/a-ha - Minor Earth Major Sky.jpg
image: cached
StillPicture: 0x93499b8, 16081
mp3-ctrl: mode change detected
mad: lost sync 03334449 00000000 ID3
mad: skipping over ID3 tag
mp3: heartbeat buffer=0 now=3283
mp3: write delayed 2567 ms
mp3: heartbeat buffer=0 now=3284
mp3: heartbeat buffer=0 now=3285
mp3: heartbeat buffer=0 now=3286

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