[vdr] Re: [patch] load i18n versions of commands/reccmds.conf

Lucian Muresan lucianm at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Nov 14 17:59:49 CET 2005

Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
> Lucian Muresan wrote:
>>I'd like to propose a patch for further i18n of VDR, namely in the
>>commands.conf and reccmds.conf files. Even if any user can customize
>>these files to his whishes (and language), I think that it is more
>>consistent from the VDR user interface point of view if the commands
>>defined there also change their language on the OSD, according to the
>>OSD language setting...
> The commands files are typically written by the specific users
> themselves, so I would assume they write these in _their_
> language and that's it.
> I don't think that this feature is necessary, it only makes
> things needlessly complex, because then you would have to
> maintain numerous copies of your commands files, and any
> changes you make would have to be done in several files
> instead of a single place.

Taking out the syslog stuff from the patch would really keep everything
transparent to users who don't use to switch OSD languages, they can
continue to use the normal commands.conf and reccmds.conf for the
language _they_ wish and never change the OSD language setting if they
don't need or want to, so they really do not have to maintain numerous
copies of those files, just their (either with, or without the 3-letter
language name, as the one without is used anyway as a fallback).

But some users do switch from time to time the OSD language , that was
the whole point, not to bother users who don't want to change their
habits, having them write and maintain multiple files, but only
providing the posibility for those who need it. Those even wouldn't have
to maintain 17 languages, maybe only one or very few.

For example, I have to switch them mainly because VDR lacks UTF-8
support, not because I wouldn't come along with english or german OSD, I
do not need the OSD in romanian for anything else than having displayed
EPG information (and names derived from it in recordings, DVD archives)
in the correct character encoding.

And I am also curious what's so complex about that patch, it only
extends the i18n scheme (you're doing in fact the same too, try to
translate the standard english string into the specified language if
available, if not, leave it as it is but also log that "no translation
found" message) to the user-supplied commands files. Maybe the patch is
not perfect, but it's small enough to be reviewed and evaluated by
anyone, and it can also be completely silenced if no logging is wished.
I tried to do it as minimal invasive as possible, and those different
languages files would really remain the user's business to maintain, I
don't think somebody would want to have all 17-20 possible languages.


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