[vdr] Re: [patch] load i18n versions of commands/reccmds.conf

Lucian Muresan lucianm at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Nov 14 18:06:21 CET 2005

rollercoaster at reel-multimedia.com wrote:
> Am Montag, 14. November 2005 14:22 schrieb Lucian Muresan:
>>I'd like to propose a patch for further i18n of VDR, namely in the
>>commands.conf and reccmds.conf files. Even if any user can customize
> That was something that was missing in vdr. Thanks.

Well, according to Klaus' answer, apparently not...

>>All that the user has to do, is to provide, additionally to the "normal"
>>files commands.conf and reccmds.conf, the version(s) in the language(s)
>>he want's to use as commands.conf.xyz and reccmds.conf.xyz, where ".xyz"
>>is the 3-characters language code defined in VDR's i18n.c:
> Although this is really easy to install for a user, it will be hard for an 
> admin/distributor to keep these files in sync. As of vdr currently supporting 
> up to 20 languages, one would have to edit up to 20 files just for a minor 
> change (even if it just affects the command line itself).
> Wouldn't it be cleaner just to have _one_ config file and one for the 
> translations?

Well, for distributors, yo're right, I didn't think of those. But these
files where meant to be user-configurable anyway, I think, so users
wouldn't need to update that many files. Anyway, what does the
distributor do about inconsistent/incomplete translations in VDR's own
i18n.c file, as with adding new features it'S impossible to have all
translators update all strings, and no one delays a release just because
of that.
On the other hand, a different approach, to have the translations
separated from the commands would have been better, but more complicated
to achieve (parsing of the files must then be rewritten for theese two
files, and I was trying to keep it as simple as possible)...


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