[vdr] Accidental No Signal after channel switch

tony tony at tgds.net
Mon Nov 14 22:33:34 CET 2005

Le lundi 14 novembre 2005 à 20:53 +0100, Maarten Wisse a écrit :

> The one single problem: at unpredictable moments, VDR-Xine keeps giving the NO 
> SIGNAL message after a channel switch. VDR keeps responding to the remote, 
> reporting channel swithes and menus, but neither video nor audio is displayed 
> anymore (replaying recordings works). A restart of the /etc/init.d/vdr script 
> solves the problem. It seems impossible to predict when it will happens. Fast 
> zapping or slow zapping doesn't seem to trigger the problem. 
> Is this a timeout problem or the like? And if so how to solve it? Is it the 
> driver or vdr? Anyone clues?

It is the card losing interrupts but this was fixed after 2.6.11 kernel
on my machine. I am running FC4 kernels now.

It is a xine problem because VDR will still record in this state. Now I
have xine showing NO SIGNAL after long periods of inactivity because
SetPlayMode:  switched to 0. Just zapping to a channel wakes xine.


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