[vdr] which tv-out card?

Dave inssomniak at mountaincable.net
Tue Nov 15 00:06:34 CET 2005

I personally use a nvidia gf4 mx 440, with directfb, and as far as Im 
concerened, its perfect (I own a nexus), But I dont drive a regular TV, 
I pipe the RGBHV 800x600 VGA right into a NEC LCD projector, beaming a 
112 inch image, and the image is absolutely stunning in quality.  and 
sure is a lot cheaper than a good quality line doubler.

Vladimir Shved wrote:

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>>Leo Márquez <leo at calidae.net> wrote:
>>>Hi all,
>>>I want help a friend to set a budget cards based (dvb-t and dvb-s) vdr
>>>box in a standard computer (not micro-atx)
>>>I don't have the hardware info (only cpu athlon 1800) but the connector
>>>to be used is s-video to scart-tv. We have planned to set softdevice and
>>>use the tv-out of a vga card to connect it to the tv.
>>>Do you recommend any vga card or any kind work with softdevice?.
>>>I need directfb or only softdevice?
>>>I have no experience with softdevice. I actually have an epia system but
>>>with a ff nexus card.
>>I would not recommend using the tv-out of a graphics card. It will
>>break interlacing, so you'll get a lot worse motion quality than
>>with a FF-card or Dxr3/Hollywood+. It won't matter if you only
>>watch movies, but for sports, news and other live video it will be bad.
>>If you still wish to go for softdevice or vdr-xine (I'd recommend
>>the latter for its deinterlacing modes), setting things up will
>>be easiest eith a cheap nVidia card and X.org instead of DirectFB.
>>Anything newer than GeForce 4 MX440 is easy to setup for TwinView,
>>so don't waste money on a new board if you have one of these lying
>>around. You may not even need a window manager for X, or only a very
>>light one (twm, fvwm) so the startup time is almost the same with that
>>combination as with DirectFB.
>>Dualhead Matrox cards (G400-G550) would be better for tv-output,
>>but they are harder to setup. With them it is better to use DirectFB
>>and it would even be possible to preserve interlacing, but I'm
>>not sure if softdevice supports that.
>I've tried G400 and G450, both cards work great with directfb, the output
>almost identical to FF card except minor issues with some skins and no VDRs
>OSD when using mplayer. G400 tiny bit harder to setup than G450. Also first
>head becomes unusable, screen is blank and all you can do is use keyboard to
>control VDR. I did not try X on these. Right now running G400DH/16Mb and it
>seems to work great, runs for days without problems. I actually like this
>setup better than FF card, less audio sync problems, cheaper and no firmware
>ARM crashes.
>And I've tried ATI 7000 series, 9800 pro and GF2 mx440, OSD is real bad on
>those, also seems to work only with X. When using directfb, I could not get
>OSD to come up at all. CPU usage was lower, about 10% average comparing to
>30% with Matrox, thats on athlon-xp 2200+. I think FX5200 might be good
>choice, anyone tried it?
>Also tried Dxr3/Hollywood+, TV-out is nice, OSD is much improved but still
>very unstable. Driver is crashing, needs to be reloaded, sometimes I had to
>restart whole system to get it back to normal.
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