[vdr] which tv-out card?

Malcolm Caldwell malcolm.caldwell at ntu.edu.au
Tue Nov 15 04:54:48 CET 2005

On Mon, 2005-11-14 at 23:49 +0000, Jon Burgess wrote:
> Leo Márquez wrote:
> > I don't have the hardware info (only cpu athlon 1800) but the connector 
> > to be used is s-video to scart-tv. We have planned to set softdevice and 
> > use the tv-out of a vga card to connect it to the tv.
> Personally I use a DXR3 card as is mentioned elsewhere. Another card 
> that I've tried briefly is the PVR350, see http://ivtvdriver.org/
> Both cards have a good quality S-Video TV-Out but the DXR3 plugin seemed 
> to work a little better then the PVR350 plugin.
> My personal experience seems to be that most TV-Out on VGA cards are 
> designed to run best at 60Hz output for the US market. When configured 
> to run in 50Hz PAL, for a UK TV, it seems like the VGA modelines are 
> still clocked at 60Hz with some (poor) down-conversion to 50Hz being 
> done in the TV-Out circuitry. This looks fine on static content but any 
> movement results in juddering or blurring. This is especially noticeable 
> on the scrolling text trackers often present on news programmes.
> This doesn't appear to be just a pure interlacing problem. I've tried 
> tweaking the 50Hz TV-out of EPIA, NVidia & ATI VGA systems and none of 
> them match the quality of hardware designed for dedicated TV usage, e.g. 
> DXR3, PVR350 (and presumably the FF cards although I've not tried one 
> myself.).

I used a dxr3 for a long time.  I am now using a g450.

I must say that with directfb & softdevice the g450 does produce a good
picture via TV out.

The setup is a bit of a pain - I think the documentation should be

The one outstanding issue I have is that I cannot view 16:9 material
croped/latterboxed onto my 4:3 display without distortions.  (This is a
known problem, but there is now solution yet)

Outside this, I certainly would recommend a matrox over a dxr3 for vdr.

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